• Introducing NutrientBoost™

    Introducing NutrientBoost™

    Your pet's favorite recipe just got a new boost! Introducing NutrientBoost, powered by plasma to improve digestion and nutrient absorption.

  • Tips & Tricks for New Pets

    Tips & Tricks for New Pets

    Bringing home a new pet is always an exciting time! Here are some quick tips to have you pet-parenting like a pro.

  • New Look, Same Product

    New Look, Same Product

    Check out our NEW look for Bone Broth Meal Toppers! Discover the gut health benefits of these 100% Human Grade nutrient-rich recipes.

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Up to 80% of the immune system is influenced by the gut. Our carefully crafted recipes cleanse with whole superfoods, balance with living probiotics, and fuel with omega fatty acids for gut health and overall immune support.


Which recipe is right for my pet?

With both grain free and healthy whole grain options, as well as a variety of high quality proteins, there is a Solid Gold recipe perfect for every dog and cat’s unique needs with customized recipes for all sizes and life stages.

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When our founder, Sissy McGill, founded the company, she believed every pet deserved to be healthy and happy. She also believed the key to a long, happy life was a solid nutritional foundation. In 1974, she set out to create the best food for her dogs and Solid Gold, America’s first holistic pet food, was born.

“A pet that is healthy in mind, body and spirit is a light that shines upon the world.”
signature Sissy McGill - Founder, Solid Gold Pet

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