Holistic Nutrition and Nourishment Counselling

A healthier, happier you is your gift to the Earth


Complimentary Skype Consultation

Curious if Nourishing Path is right for you? Let’s chat. Connect with me to schedule a free 20-minute 'Meet & Greet'.

Nourishment Counselling 2-Part Session - 150 Euro

Here begins our journey on the Nourishing Path. Together we explore the landscape of your current circumstances and chart a course to Nourishment.

Inclusive of:

  • 1 hour Skype Intake Assessment (Session 1)
  • 1 hour Skype Consultation (Session 2)
  • E-mail follow-up correspondence


Session 1 Exploration
In this About You session, we survey the landscape of your current circumstances. How nourished do you feel by your own life? How are your current food and lifestyle choices feeding your body, mind, heart and soul?

Session 2 Navigation
Based on the groundwork of our first session, your specific needs are addressed with recommendations customized for your physical, mental and emotional nourishment. While each nourishment map is different, the recommendations encompass anti-inflammatory nutrition, beneficial foods, self-care, personalized affirmations as well as lifestyle recommendations aimed at connecting you with the natural world.

E-mail follow-up correspondence
I am of course available to answer questions and provide email support following both Nourishment Counselling Sessions.

Soul Food Sessions - 144 Euros

Feed your soul with the nourishment of self-love.
Food is just one of the ways in which we engage with ourselves and the world around us. How we eat and how we feel about and relate to food can reveal much about how we feel about and see ourselves and our place in the world. For example, the way we feed ourselves and the kind of foods that we allow ourselves can indicate whether, or not we feel worthy of love.

Eating is one of the most concrete ways in which we can show ourselves love. Eating from a place of self-love means honouring our physical body by tending to its unique and changing needs, and eating in a way that makes us feel good. When we love ourselves, food becomes synonymous with nourishment.

Sometimes in striving to eat in a “healthy way” we can actually be quite harsh with ourselves, using food as a way to punish ourselves, or as a means of self-sabotage. For example, we can embark upon strict diets and food regimens that deprive us of pleasure, satisfaction and true nourishment. You can be eating seemingly “all the right things,” but be doing so in the complete absence of self-love.

Dear Friend, I have to ask, is your relationship with food is “all business and no pleasure”? Are you feeling deeply nourished by your current food regimen?

Clues that we are eating ourselves into a corner are:
  • Being on a diet, or dieting
  • Adherence to strict eating rules
  • Personal identification with a special “diet”, or “food-ism” (e.g. veganism, raw foodism, etc.)
  • Categorization of foods into black & white categories: eg. safe/unsafe, healthy/toxic, correct/incorrect, right/wrong, ethical/unethical, spiritual/unconscious
  • Adherence to static food rules that do not adjust for seasonal change, climate variation, or the changing needs of the physical body during different life phases, or periods of stress and increased physical activity.
Perhaps the biggest indicator that your current eating regimen might not be fully supporting or nourishing you is that it is stressing you out! Is your diet, or eating regimen exhausting you? If yes, consider this a red flag.
By adopting a strict diet, or eating regimen, we are essentially setting ourselves up to fail. Diets are by definition unsustainable and are not designed to work in the long term.

What are the personal consequences when we do eventually fail to adhere to the strict parameters of an unsustainable diet? Let’s see… guilt, self-judgement, self-beratement, self-punishment, despair, and the potential to spiral into unhealthy eating practices that can be both extreme, unconscious and even dangerous.

Friends, there is a gentler, more sustainable way.

If self-love and sustainability are the missing ingredients in your current way of eating, let’s see if we can cook up something soul-nourishing together on the Nourishing Path. Join me for Soul Food Sessions, where love and sustainability are always on the menu.

Together in our first Soul Food Session, we will explore your current way of eating to see if it is
  1. Sustainable for you in light of your current life circumstances
  2. Supportive of your unique physical and emotional needs
  3. Grounded in self-love
In our second Soul Food Session, we will explore ways to bring love and sustainability into your relationship with food by
  1. Exploring the Soul Foods that are most nourishing for you based on your present needs
  2. Exploring sustainable nourishment that is free from labels, strict rules and self-judgement
  3. Finding ways to put self-love back on the Menu
Curious if Soul Foods Sessions are aligned with your present needs? Let’s chat. Connect with me to schedule a free 20-minute 'Meet & Greet'.

If you have, or are recovering from an eating disorder, please note that I will only be offering Nourishment Counselling & Soul Food Sessions to those individuals who are presently under the care of a licensed therapist, or licensed medical practitioner. As I am neither a licensed therapist, nor a licensed medical practitioner, it is beneficial to everyone involved, if individuals with eating disorders, or related conditions are receiving support and care from licensed professionals.
Nourishing Path Holistic Nutrition and Nourishment Counselling does not purport to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, or medical condition. The consultations and informational guidelines provided by Nourishing Path Holistic Nutrition and Nourishment Counselling do not substitute for the advice, treatment, diagnoses and care of a licensed medical practitioner, therapist, or naturopathic doctor.
“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy” - Friedrich Nietzsche

Like the Earth, the human body is self-healing by its very nature. Innate bodily wisdom is evident in homeostasis, the infinite physiological balancing act that is the miraculous functioning of the human body. We can see the human body as a microcosm of the Earth and homeostasis as a reflection of the complex dance of natural rhythms that organize the natural world. Just as the Earth knows how to keep the dance in motion, so too do our bodies. When we listen to our body, her signs, signals and states of being and when we respect the needs being communicated, we experience balanced physical states. Likewise, when we honour the wisdom of our hearts, we experience balance in our personal lives.

The human experience of wellness, or ease, represents the harmonic balance between the wisdom of the body, the natural rhythms of the Earth and the deep, inner knowing of our hearts. The journey to wellness begins with heeding the messages of our hearts and our bodies, which are reflective of very real needs that are enormously important to our wellbeing. When we fail to meet the needs of our hearts and bodies, we begin to experience dis-ease: a distancing from our own innate experience of ease and contentment in our lives. Deep healing means returning to this sense of ease by abiding by the wisdom of our hearts, bodies and the natural world from which we emerge.

True wellness is founded upon many aspects, which include nourishing foods, a positive mindset, inner connection, a balanced lifestyle, nurturing emotional connections and a physical connection to the natural environment. The journey to wellness therefore, is not so much a straight line as it is spherical in nature.

Let me provide you with knowledge and guidance to support you on your own path to wellness by acquainting you with a holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle. Our greatest tools in this effort are conscious eating, whole/real foods, anti-inflammatory nutrition, self-care, stress management, creative self-exploration, movement and physical reconnection to the natural world.

I trust in your personal exploration of wellness and offer my service as a guide along the Nourishing Path.

Please remember: A healthier, happier you is your gift to the Earth.
Hi! I am a 36 year old Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) and former fashion model born in Toronto, Canada and raised on the beautiful island of Bermuda. Today I am based in Hamburg, Germany where I live with my husband Dennis and work as a Nourishment Counsellor.

I have a diverse educational background, receiving an Honours BA in Anthropology and English (2003) and a Master of Arts degree in Sociocultural Anthropology (2005) from the University of Toronto. In 2014, I received my certification in Holistic Nutrition from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Ontario, Canada shortly before moving to Germany.

All my life I have had a thirst for understanding human health and connectivity to the Earth. I am a dedicated, lifetime learner and am constantly in pursuit of wisdom. I am passionate both in my exploration of holistic approaches to wellness and in my commitment to support my fellow Earth-dwellers with the tools and knowledge that I have acquired during my own journey.

I receive great personal rewards and pleasure from exploring an abundance of passions in my free time, including Family Constellation Therapy (Familienaufstellung), the zero waste lifestyle, illustration, the Divine Feminine, natural cycles, Tarot, making my own personal care products at home and learning German.

I wish you well in your own journey and look forward to the chance of meeting you! En bonne santé!

Kind Words

Jenna Judd is a nourishment counselor of the highest skill, empathy, wisdom, and knowledge. this morning we had a session on anti-inflammatory diet, living with & as nature, self-love, superfoods, the spiritual-metaphorical resonance of foods, foods as oracles and teachers, and curing fatigue. it was life-changing. cannot recommend more strongly if you are interested in eating as medicine and self care, and want to be held in safe space while you explore these relationships (which i know are emotionally loaded mine zones for most people including me), that you get in touch with her for a skype session. she will love you through it, and you are worth it. <3

Annie K.

Certified Doula (DTI)